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About Me…

I have been a lecturer in Digital Media (specialising in animation) since 2003 and involved in the industry overall since 1998 in capacities which have included both broadcast and corporate television production, as well as interactive gaming.

More recently, I have been involved in animation production at Clockwork Zoo. I started out as the Gatekeeper and Asset Manager, but quickly move up to the position of Senior Animation Director. Here I am responsible for checking storyboards, scripts, animatics, layout and animation as well as supervising and advising a team of lead animators and animation directors. Here I have worked on various international shows, including Caillou (for Cookie Jar Entertainment) and Florrie’s Dragons (for Disney UK, Wish Films and Studio100).

Three years were spent with learn2 Digital Media Academy in Cape Town as the academy’s training manager and senior lecturer. learn2 is an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre and a division of Touchvision, specialising in a wide range of Autodesk Media and Entertainment products, as well as Adobe and ToonBoom software. Alongside my training role, I also provided technical support for Touchvision’s clients in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and also fulfilled a marketing role for the company, managing its print and online campaigns from concept to publication. I have in the past few years also been called on regularly by Autodesk and Adobe South Africa to assist with demos countrywide when new products are launched annually. In terms of training, I am an Autodesk Approved Instructor on 3ds Max and Combustion. I also teach ToonBoom, as well as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects. Over and above teaching, I use all of these products professionally as well as a smattering of InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Dreamweaver and Maya.

On the gaming front, I was Senior 3D Artist for Leapfrog Gaming, who specialise in on-line casino and bingo games. I was instrumental in growing the number of sites from one to seven in my time there and managed a team of artists designing interfaces, brand identities, websites and the interactive game environment. Iw as also the interface between the programming and creative teams, providing technical solutions to creative problems and vice versa.

My entry to digital media came with HyperActive Productions, where we were at the forefront of available technology at a time when CD-ROM drives were not yet standard issue. We did numerous presentations, interactive CD’s and websites for major international companies, including Old Mutual, London Clubs International, I&J, Touchline Media and Media24.

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